About Us

"When you make a commitment...... you keep it."

A message from the president

Fairway Underwriters, Inc. evolved from an idea , a vision and a sincere commitment to product innovation. From the mid 1980s, when research and development began on our Club Champion package policy until now, we have held to those qualities and ideals.

As you will learn from this web site Fairway, collaborates with sports and recreation entities and underwriters to develop the most industry specific, economical and fairest pricing for those classes possible. From "rounds played" rating for golf courses to "number of pitching machines" rating for baseball/softball training centers, Fairway is a pioneer in the design of coverage and rating methodology for many industries. By the way, it was because of this fair way of rating that we named our company FAIRWAY.

Our mission is pure and simple. We will continue to develop comprehensive, innovative and economical insurance products specifically tailored to the sports and recreation industry. We will use only the highest quality underwriters and we will work with industries such as yours to solve both the problems of today and tomorrow, because when you make a commitment, you keep it.